The Team


from the left: Carlie, Joanna, Katy & Clare


Chair- Joanna
Joanna is a mum of 2 and also works part time as a Consultant. She says “I started getting involved with the PTA as a class rep when my oldest started school. It really helped me to get to know the other mums and dads in the class. I became Vice-Chair on the PTA last year, I only knew one other person on the committee so was a little apprehensive – but everyone was lovely! I took over the role of Chair this year and we have a fantastic group of parents helping out both in official and non-official roles. It’s an amazing feeling being able to give the school resources that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford – both my children were so excited when they got a new interactive whiteboard in the classroom! I’d really encourage parents to come and support in any way they can – we are a nice, normal group of mums (!) and would love to see some new faces.”

Vice Chair- Katy
Katy is a mum of 2 boys, George in year 5 and Finley in reception. Katy runs her own business from home and is also kept busy by running the lettings of 2 chalets in Cornwall and the administration for her dad’s busy decorating business.
Katy says ‘When George started at Ottershaw school I would always try to help out at any events the PTA or school were organising, at first it was a way for me to get to know other mums locally as I didn’t grow up locally and hadn’t lived locally for very long. I soon realised these events raise much needed funds to help the school and most importantly give our children the equipment and tools to improve their learning and make their school a fun place (disco’s and fair’s etc)!
I become a class rep for George’s class something that took very little time, just being the communicator between the PTA and parents. Sending the odd email reminder or organising the class stall at the yearly summer or Christmas fair. Last year I have taken on a formal role on the committee of Vice Chair.
George loves me helping out at events and is always really keen to help too! Even Finley helped decorate the Santa’s Grotto and fill the lights with sand for fireworks!! It is really rewarding when you hear how pleased the children are with the new whiteboards in their classrooms or playing on the trim trail and you know that the money raised by the PTA has contributed. I have made some lovely friends by helping the PTA and I would love to see loads more parents getting involved and supporting the PTA in anyway they can by coming along to the events, help out at events, becoming a class rep, sharing ideas or simply just coming to meetings/socials. It really can be fun!!’

Treasurer – Clare
Clare is a busy working mum of 4 boys; Max in year 1, Luke in year 6, Joseph who is in GCSE year at Heathside and Sam who is in his second year of Medical School at Exeter University. Clare owns and runs her own company – Healthcare Conferences UK – who produce and organise over 250 healthcare and medical conferences per year. Clare works from home in Ottershaw four days a week, with a day a week in London. Clare has been volunteering at events regularly with the PTA for the last 6 years but has only taken a formal position in the last year and will be treasurer from September this year. I really enjoy helping organize the PTA events, especially the big events like the Christmas Fair, helping to design the brochures, organize the auction and getting the satisfaction and sense of achievement from knowing we have produced an event that the kids and parents enjoy, whilst also making money for much needed school equipment. My kids also love seeing me help out at their events. At the first PTA meeting I went to I didn’t really know anyone and was worried it would be a bit of a clicky group but those worries were unfounded. I very quickly made some lovely friends, the PTA always seems open to new ideas, the time commitment isn’t huge – I would encourage everyone to take part in the events and the PTA. There is always a good excuse not to – work, kids etc – but if I can fit it in I think most people could!

Secretary- Carlie
Carlie is mum of 2. She has a little boy in 1, and a little girl who will be starting next September.
Carlie owns and runs 2 companies in events and painting. (very different I know!)
She joined the PTA as she wanted to be able to help raise money for the school and meet other parents at the same time.
Carlie has taken on the role of secretary but loves getting involved in all aspects of the PTA from ideas to planning.
Carlie Says:
“I was a little worried when I started but the ladies on the PTA have been fab, even if I have been some what over enthusiastic.
We can only get better if we have the full support of all you lovely people. Be it 30 minutes on a stall, handing out raffle tickets or even donating a goodie for the auction. Everything raised goes to make our school facilities fantastic. We understand time is precious, we all have families, homes and work to contend with but we should all be proud of what the school, PTA & you guys have done over the last couple of years, I couldn’t believe it when I started! Its a team effort and it can only get better.